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As I have posted on my greetings! post on early January, I said that I will post the prezies I got during the Christmas-New Year holiday. Well, here it is... enjoy! :)

Notepad from my local church

New Denim Trousers

Chocolate from James, Tan Leli and Natash

To everyone who has given these prezies, thank you so much! Especially my mom and dad, who has made a lot of purchases for my needs and wants during the holiday. Your daughter will always be a girl :D



Yesterday, after I rearranged the furnitures in my room, I then decided to have lunch. I made noodle using water and cooked it in the magic jar. So on and on and on I used that water, both to cook and to drink. Little did I remember, that that water was actually... TAP WATER! HAHAHAHA. And just when I was about to throw up that tap water, that's when the...

Oh by the way, there was a bird in our pantry too yesterday. Don't know how it got there, but the attempt of trying to shove it away was kinda funny, hahaha.
The Bird


Smokers. I don't hate the people, I just hate what they do.

-Femme LHS-

what's up!

So, what's up peoples? I am finally back, after a few days not exactly writing a proper post. And so here I am to share some of the things I did and will do.

Well last saturday I had my very first practical exam. The exam was on Java Programming and if you're not really familiar with it, lemme tell you what it is. Java Programming is the coding (it's how we, or they, call it) in order to make programs (duuuh). But the one that I'm making right now is the very basic programming where we still run it on Command Prompt. You can do the coding with different tools, such as TextPad, Eclipse, NetBeans, etc. The one we're using is TextPad. Sooo, during the exam we have to make a program. My class specifically has to make this program for a fruit shop cashier, including a sign-in page in which the username is case sensitive. Also the password must be created from the name of the cashier added with the number of alphabets. And then inside there are 3 menu bla bla bla bla bla. Anywaaays, to make story short, I didn't finish the whole program coding. But then I created a 7MB file. Hopefully it's good. And hopefully I can optimize my grade on the theory exam, which is STARTING THIS FRIDAY! Hoo yeah!

Well enough about that, now I wanna share a lil bit about my trip to the the Russian Culture Center. I went there as a part of LnC's Hang-Out-Together, but this time plus Emil and Ka Susanti. My first impression was, the place looks like a private house. Indeed. Nevertheless, the maximized that private house and exhibit some Russian novels and magazines. Also some figurines wearing their traditional which I find very very cute. In the back of the building there's also an auditorium where they usually use it to watch movies together. Overall, my final impression of the Russian Culture Center was that, it felt Russian. LOL.
Inside the library
With the Curators (I guess) 
Emil, Ka Susanti, Me, Aco, Sharon (Kneeling)
The LnCs, Aco, Sharon, Ka Doni, Me
 Well, I guess that's it for now. OH! And to those who are celebrating it...

bokeh image - WishWishWish
lace brush - Nadine Pau
photos taken by Doni NP, edited by me :D

The Living Word

"Salib adalah pintu masuk Kerajaan Sorga, jika orang tidak mengerti arti salib sebenarnya bisa jadi ia belum masuk Kerajaan Sorga."

What is your opinion on understanding the Gospel wholly?
I would have to say that understanding the Gospel wholly isn't an easy thing to do. In order to understand it, we first need to get rid of the trash in our minds first because the Gospel simply can't be combined or be put in the same place with rubbish. And as human, whether we admit or not, we tend to keep those rubbish instead of getting rid of it. Nevertheless, I am sure that if we open our heart to the changes that God has plan for us, we will be able to understand the Gospel wholly. And moreover, no matter what the Gospel says, we will not be troubled by it. It takes to understand the works of God, but the time that we have put to try to understand it is totally worth it.

Does believing in the Gospel make your life more successful?
YES! OF COURSE! It is obviously not an instant success, but in time we will get there. And maybe it doesn't start with the increase of wealth we get, but I believe that it can also mean being successful in being happy everyday, being healthy, being generous, being Christ-like.

Message in the morning~

My dad posted this on our family group on BlackBerry Messenger:
Disebuah desa yang subur, hiduplah dua lelaki yang bersaudara. Sang kakak telah bersaudara dengan dua orang anak, sedangkan si adik masih lajang. Mereka menggarap satu lahan berdua dan ketika panen, hasilnya mereka bagi sama rata. Disuatu malam setelah panen, si adik duduk sendiri dan berfikir, "pembagian ini sungguh tidak adil, seharusnya kakakku lah yang mendapat bagian lebih banyak karena dia hidup dengan istri dan kedua anaknya." Maka dimalam yang sunyi itu diam-diam dia menggotong satu karung padi milknya dan meletakkanya dilumbung padi milik kakaknya. Ditempat yang lain, sang kakak juga sedang berfikir, "pembagian ini adil jika adikku mendapat bagian yang lebih banyak, karena ia hidup sendiri, jika terjadi apa-apa dengannya tak ada yang mengurus, sedangkan aku ada anak dan istri yang merawatku." Maka sang kakakpun bergegas mengambil satu karungdari lumbungnya dan mengantarkan dengan diam-diam ke lumbung milik sang adik. Kejadian ini terjadi bertahun-tahun. Dalam benak mereka ada tanda tanya, kenapa lumbung padi mereka seperti tak berkurang meski telah dikurangi setiap kali panen? Hingga disuatu malam yang lengang setelah panen, mereka berdua menggotong satu karung padi. Tanda tanya dalam benak mereka terjawab sudah, seketika mereka saling berpelukan erat, mereka sungguh terharu menyadari betapa mereka saling menyayangi.
This is how sisterhood or brotherhood should be. Wealth shouldn't be a trigger to your feud. God has given love to the heart of those who are willing to think about their brothers and sisters. And God will not let us be in need if  we fulfill the needs of others.

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Faith, is not sitting down waiting for God to do something, but believing that even when 99 doors are closed, there's still one open door.

-Femme LHS-

Korean Culture Week!

Well, Binus Square Student Committee is going to hold an event for Korean Lovers! Do come if you have the chance.


First post in 2012! Just wanna send my greetings to everyone out there first. Hope you had a warm Christmas and definitely wishing you all a prosperous year ahead.
Sadly I didn't really get a chance to make a post during my holiday. Well maybe more like I was enjoying my holiday too much that I forgot about blogging. HAHAHA. But anyways, I actually got some prezies, but since my mom is borrowing my camera, so the pictures are still there. In Bali. T^T

I guess I will be posting it by the end of the month. That's all for now.
God bless y'all :)

Btw, this was my Facebook notification amount, after not opening it for a week. Random stuff! HAHA