Officially 19

Well, it's the 22nd of February, which means, today I turn 19. Whoa. Time flies real fast dude. But anyways, I am so so so thankful for everything that has happen throughout my 19 years of life. Every breakdowns, joy, sadness, problems, challenges, wins, losses, ups, downs, it made me who I am now and it made me stronger each and everyday.

I would definitely not be here if it wasn't because of my God, Jesus Christ. Through Him I can do everything, including living my life. I pray that the upcoming years will still be led by Him.
And second, my family, Dad, Mom and Sister. The second best part of my life after God. They know me inside out, they are the ones who love me no matter what I do. And I know that I am very very thankful to have them as my family.

Third, to my girls, Tessa, Anya, Jenni, Inka, Elina. You guys rock my world! (y)our goofiness makes my life colorful and I am not making this up. LOL. Btw, I super duper miss you tes, nya, jen. Hoping to see you guys real soon!

My Birthday Cake

From Inka & Elina

Diva Soft Pink Ring

Diva Black Feather Earrings

Pull & Bear Bag from rookie

holiday and the AEO~!

soooo. What did I do during my one-week-semester-break holiday? I became an LO for the Asian English Olympics hosted by Bina Nusantara English Club. It was such a great experience. Got to meet lots of people from different cities, with different personalities. Some are nice, some are very demanding. Some are very friendly, some very very bossy. But hey, it was all worth the lesson. Also got closer to the other members of the BSSC LO, which are Tasya, Ditha, Melcy, Ka Raesa, Ka Susanti, Brian, BK, Franz, Ko Cancan, and Ko Hanz. Also got the chance to spend some really fun times with everybody involved in this event, from the committees, LOs, and participants. It was definitely super fun!

Uti, Tia and Yudi

With Yudi
I also went to my campus on Saturday to join the Java Jazz on the Move. There were 7 free fix given out, and I wasn't actually planning to get it, but guess what? I DID! HAHAHA. Thanks to Ka Cosmas for the help.

Trying to get a free Java Jazz Tix
And my roomie got back from KL and Singapore and gave me these. So beautiful! Thankies rookie.

Pouch by Jonker Gallery from Roomie
Forever 21 ♥

we bid goodbye to semester 1!

Finally it's the end of semester one. OMAIGADDD! Can you believe it? It's actually this fast. Anyways, just wanna say HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all Binusians. And to all the participants, committees, and Los of Asian English Olympics, ESPIRITU~!!

Last day of exam, Intro to Business



day full of joy!

Today might be one of the most amazing day in my life! It's the first Sunday in February and I went to quite some exciting things, especially today. First, I went to the church with my sister to help myself build my characters in Godly ways. And then....

A discussion with Monique Coleman (High School Musical Star), Adeline (Sahabat Alam), Iman Usman (Indonesian Future Leaders), and Hendriyadi (Indonesian Youth for Education) about volunteerism at @america. The discuss wasn't very hard to understand, yet it still teaches us, the youths, on how to actually become productive in our life. The panelists actually pointed out some things that were very simple, but then became the basic of volunteer act. And as I would put it, volunteering doesn't have to big. Even when we help the people around (without asking anything in return), it is volunteering. And there are so much benefits that we, personally, can get through volunteerism. I find it very beneficial to join this kind of events, cause it helps stay grounded, and let me think back of what have I done so far. And I think it's really lucky for me to meet Monique Coleman. She's very smart. I like her enthusiasm in empowering the youths, not only in the states but also all over the world. Anyways, here are some pics.

Binus Square Boarders! And OMG! My face ....... *speechless*
With Monique Coleman (Former UN Youth Ambassador)
After the attending the very interesting discussion, Inka and I decided to go to fX Senayan, to join VOTE Charity Concert. VOTE is a non-profit organization founded by Glenn Fredly, focusing on the Easter region of Indonesia. I myself actually come from the East too, and I am actually concerned about it too. The East is actually a very rich part of Indonesia, but unfortunately the development there is really slow, and moreover the lack of attention and concern from the other Indonesia citizen. Anyways, so before, there was the first VOTE Charity Concert where the entrance fee is only IDR 1,000! Can you believe it? But then, if you want to donate, you give more than that.

To be honest (and kinda embarrassed), this is actually the first concert that Inka and I are attending, and we feel very fortunate that the first concert we attended ever since we moved to Jakarta is a charity concert. And trust me, the concert was very entertaining. Each of the performers promoted their songs but also they asked us and advised to donate! This is very much needed in Indonesia. So, please, if you have the chance, do check their website.

Anyways, I had the chance to take pictures with some artist too.

with Marsha Manopo

w Rhesa and Endah
oh! and the Picture of the Night goes to this pic. The picture that made me extremely embarrassed because I asked to do it to the person when he is actually in a restaurant, with his friends, and his girlfriend! But oh well, at least I went home with no regret. And here it is...