Day 02 - Where I'd Like To Be In 10 Years

10 years from now huh? That means I'll be at the age of 30... I wish to be:

1. Graduated from both my Bachelor's Degree and my Master's Degree - well I counted that by the age of 22 I'll be graduating from my Bachelor's Degree. And then I'm gonna go straight off to take my Master's Degree in Australia, Switzerland or Canada.

2. Working in IT-IS-Biz Consulting Firm, outside of Indonesia of course - right now I'm planning to settle my life after the whole tertiary education in Australia. But then I'm also interested in living Europe.. Sooooo, I don't know. I may have plans now, but I'll let God take me wherever He wants me to be at.

3. Married! - Yea, I'm planning to marry at the age of 25. Hahaha.. But we'll see about this one. Hopefully I can meet with the right guy at the right timing :D
photo courtesy of Chrisya KF
4. Owning a cafe! - I definitely have to make this dream of mine come through, and I hope this could be like a family-business. Although I don't really know the concept of the cafe just yet, but I really want to own one.

5. A mother to at least one child - Yep, since I am hoping I will be married by age of 25, so I'm hoping that by the age of 30 I will have one child already. It doesn't matter whether it's a boy or a girl, I just want a child of my own. Definitely can't wait! Hahaha..

BINUS Jazz 2013!

Last Saturday, we finally held the BINUS Jazz 2013 event. And I must say I am a happy and a proud Project Manager. I felt like my hard work finally paid off. The event was a big success (well that's how I see it and according to what some people say :p) There were around 400 people coming to the event and the vibe was real good!

However, I know that this all won't be a success without the help of these people:

1. God - of course God would be the first one I thank, for bringing me this far, for not letting breakdown and always giving me strength when I'm about to loose it

2. Daddy - although you're no longer there to see me prepare and held this event, I know that you're looking at me from heaven. And I know that you're happy that I have made this achievement

3. Mommy - for always reminding me of my health, I needed that

4. Sissy - For always being there when I needed a getaway

5. My fellow Executive Committee and Coordinators, Echa, Della, Fallen, Eka, Feby, Hilda, Ka Vanda, Wina, Rhesa - You guys are definitely the best support I can ever have
BINUS Jazz 2013 Committee
6. My advisors - You guys definitely helped me made decisions and guided me through out the preparation

7. The whole committee - Although some of you guys gave me headaches but you guys were awesome
And all the others whom I can't mention one by one here. Thank you all so much!

(left to right) Dennis Junio, someone, Echa Soemantri, Cahyo, Matthew Sayersz, Me, someone, Dani, Eka, someone


As I have told you guys, I was away to Singapore from the 12th til the 17th for APEX Global Case Challenge. There isn't much to say, just how grateful I am to be a part of this, meeting great people, experiencing new things, learnt new lessons. And I must say, APEX you make me love Singapore!