Hong Kong Trip - The Peak

The Victoria Peak is one of Hong Kong's most famous places to visit, its at a mountain and from there you can see all of Hong Kong. I reached The Peak by taking the The Peak tram from the Lower Terminus. I went down at Central MTR Station and walked to the Lower Terminus. By foot it would take about approximately 7-10 minutes (if you focused on getting real fast). But I myself took a very relaxed stroll and took the time to admire the skyscrapers around me. I also looked around and spotted several places I wanted to visit after The Peak.

Unfortunately, since I came on a Sunday, the queue was super duper long, even before getting to the Ticket Booth, and even after buying the ticket, you still have to wait for quite a long time, because there was only ONE tram that goes back and forth to The Peak Upper Terminus. But it's okay, all the waiting done will be worth it! After waiting for quite some time, I can finally hop on to the tram.  A small tip on taking the tram, always take the window seat! The view from the window seat is just UH-MAH-ZING but it might get you a little dizzy because there's some sort perspective distortion due to the slope of the tram track.