Applying & Obtaining China Visa

Working as an EA requires me to be able to do a lot of things for my bosses. One of the most frequent thing that I have to take care of is travel plans arrangements including handling Visa Matters. Recently I had to apply for the Chinese Visa so I thought why not share it here.

The type of visa that I applied for is the Business/Trade Visa (M type). Now before applying, these are the documents that you need to prepare:
Original Passport
Passport Copy (both Bio information and address info)
Completed Visa Application Form (along with 48x33mm picture. Check the photo guideline here!)
ID Card Copy
Return Ticket
Invitation Letter
One of the most crucial document in applying for the Chinese Business Visa is the Invitation Letter. In order for it to be accepted, the Invitation Letter needs to be issued by a Chinese company, corporation or institution. You will also need these things mentioned in the Invitation Letter:
- Applicant's Personal Information
-- Name
-- Gender
-- Date of Birth
-- Nationality
-- Passport No.
-- Required Entry
-- Company applicant working at & position/job title
- Visit Purpose
- City & Province of Visit
- Date of arrival & departure
- Relationship between applicant and inviter
- Financial bearer of applicant's accomodation and/or expenses in China
- Inviter's Information
-- Full Company Name / Unit
-- Inviter Name
-- Job Title
-- Detail Company Address, Fax Number & Telephone
-- Direct cell phone number (must be working)
-- Email address
- Actual signature of inviter
- Company seal
This invitation MUST be printed on a company letterhead that clearly shows the company address, fax and telephone number.
Now the Chinese Visa Application Service Center (CVASC) usually offers 3 types of services, Regular, Express and Urgent, except that the Urgent service isn't available in every CVASC. But thankfully the CVASC in Jakarta allows Urgent service. For Regular service, it would take approximately 4 working days, Express service would take 3 working days and Urgent Service would take 2 working days. For Regular and Express service, you can submit your documents until 3:00 PM but for Urgent Service, you will need to submit it before 11:00 AM. Of course different fees applies to each service type, you can look at the detailed information regarding the fees on this link.

When applying for Chinese Visa, both submission and pick-up can be done by someone other than the applicant without a Power of Attorney letter. But you have to make sure that you do not lose the Pick-Up Form. If you do lose the Pick-Up form, the applicant themselves have to pick up their passport at the CVASC.

I would say applying for a Chinese Visa is considerably easy. I've applied for Chinese Visa twice and both applications got approved. Best part of the whole application journey is that I can submit my documents today and have it back tomorrow morning as early as 9:00 am, using the Urgent Service!

Chinese Visa Application Service Center - Jakarta
Unit 07-12, 8th Floor East Building Jl, DR Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung Blok E.3.2  Kav 1 South Jakarta 12950
website -

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