nyanyian setengah tinta. must watch movie.

new position.

i have a new position at skool.

i was searching for this position at first.
tapi setelah berjalannya proses pembuatan OSIS,
i started to think that i might as well back-off from being a ketua osis.
and bener,
i wasn't picked to be the ketua osis.
but the wakil.
pemilihan pertama dipilih sm Sir. Sukartha (kepsek).

setelah dibawa ke forum SMP-SMA,
the students objected.
karna satu dan lain hal mereka keberatan.
they asked if they can do they vote again.
and so,
they picked me out to be the ketua osis.

now i know,
that my tanggung jawab is rily big.
i have to be a good and right teladan.
it's swimming against the stream.
rily strong stream.

but i know that this is my chance of becoming

the school where i go to is a very chaotic school.
kids are ruined,
teachers are (sorry) impolite,
and security.
they work together with the students who ran away from school!

here's the chance given by Daddy.
and i nid to use it wisely.
i dont want to let my Dad down.

-confetti life.


. work .


setelah lama menunggu,
i finally have a job.
but still,
bulan pertama masih belum dibayar.

hari pertama kerja.
aq langsung mulai dengan acara ROCK Cafe.
to be honest,
agak susah ngebawain acara itu.
secara di acara itu cuma penyiar yang bicara.
and gak ada interaksi dari pendengar.

so, it was all chit-chat.
selama 2 jam kita (me and yanz) harus bicara.
and susahnya lagi, infonya dari artikel.
so, kita harus bisa membuat pendengar percaya bahwa kita GAK MEMBACA!

untungnya sieh gak canggung-canggung banget.
masi bisa relax-lah.
but then.

om dodo DATANG!.
the head of ROCK Radio,
who is very smart in speech,
came and went into the studio.

straight away,
i went really nervous.
tapi untung pas om dodo dateng,
pas session-ny udah mau berakhir.

selesai juga malam itu.
and finally,
i worked.

-confetti life.

trip to jakarta - day 1&2

photos while i'm in jakarta.

there's one when i'm with judika!
i was at the aerport.
i actually argued with chrisya, my sister.
and she dared to do it.
if i asked if it's really him, then she'll pay 7.500.

and i did and t was him.
one of them is when i stayed at home and do nothing.
so i played at the swing with andrew, my cousin.
trus narsisnya keluar dech.

i also took a picture with andrew.
-confetti life

First Post

i'm so happy.
finally i have a blog.
i made this blog in jakarta.
habis bosen, ga ada ngapain.
oh well.
i name this blog "confettilife" for a reason.
*of course
karena life is full with things that we don't even expect to happen.
some are bright and some are dark.
just like the colour of confetti.
so, here it is.
-confetti life