Greetings to...

My Beloved Mother!
Happy Mother's Day

In this occasion, I wanna thank you for all the guidance you've given through my whole life. Thank you for the love you gave until now. You've taught way more than I expected. I love you.

-Love, your daughter, F.


Just want to share that there were around 200 Koreans who were staying at my place for the International Robots Olympic. And you know what... EYEGASM MUCH! Hahaha. Anyways, here are some shots that I took, even though only a few. Enjoy! :D
The schedule

Departing T^T

(early) Christmas Celebration

Tuesday 13th, our church's Christmas Celebration. Got nothing much to say, let the pictures tell the story :)

Ka Steph, Inka, Ka Barnie

My Personal Fave Shot

Tante Nancy, Ka Steph

Ka Maya as Bilbina

RENCANA kita boleh INDAH,
tapi rencana TUHAN-lah yang TERINDAH

HIDUP kita mungkin baik-baik saja,
tapi hidup BERSAMA-NYA lebih SEMPURNA

tapi BERKAT-NYA-lah yang menjadikan KAYA

KEKUATAN tangan kita mungkin sanggup membawa kita menjadi orang HEBAT,
tapi hanya BERSAMA TUHAN, kita menjadi LUAR BIASA

Sebab Tuhan bukan hanya MENCUKUPI apa yang kita perlukan,
tapi Ia memberi dengan BERKELIMPAHAN


a title-too-long

Yesterday was KGC's (Kingdom Generation Community) Christmas Celebration and their 3rd anniversary. And so I joined the Sunday Service there, along with Inka, Elina and Feby. The theme of the Christmas Celebration was Final Destination. No, not the movie, but seriously our final destination. Ka Salmon, Ka Thomas and Om Ronny we're all talking about in what kind of way do we want to be later on, and how can actually achieve that. Well, here are some of the things that were mentioned:

1. How you come out of something, determines how you're gonna get in. For example, if we came out of high school as a bad person, let's say some one who swears and complains all the time, we will pretty much enter university life also as a person who swears and complains all the time.

2. Sometimes we think that as youth we still have plenty of time to do what we need to do. We think that being 80 years old is still so far away from our youth. And so... We often play around with our life. We sometimes just wanna have fun. Meanwhile, our future depends on what we do now. So instead playing around with God, why don't we start building our righteous and bright future now? Anyways, being too early is better than late.

3. Get rid of all the fakery and hypocrisy! It's hard to explain through words, but I'm sure we all understand it. Stop pretending to worship God, when inside our hearts we blame for all the "wrong" things that happen in our life. Stop pretending to love God's people, when actually we curse them inside our hearts. FORGIVE, FORGIVE, AND FORGIVE!

Well, all I have to say is that I feel blessed to be placed in such community. They encourage, pick me up, and most of all, they are God's people and they love me for who I am. Anyways, here are some pictures from yesterday :)

Inka, Elina, Me
Me, Ka Maya, Ka Steph

Elina, Inka, Me, Ka Maya, Ka Steph

Elina, Me, Ka Steph

Ka Steph, Elina

Ka Steph, Inka

Ka Barnie, Elina, Me, Ka Steph
Elina, Inka, Feby

Elina, Me

Sofi, Ka Barnie
P.S. I was actually planning to write KGC'S Christmas Celebration and 3rd Anniversary as the title, but I figured that it was too long, and so a title-too-long it is! :P

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Quote of the Day

"Hidup yang setiap hari dijalani bagi Kristus akan mendatangkan sukacita dan berkat penuh."

-Brian Bernadi-