parental visit~

Last saturday morning my parents arrived in Jakarta! And as usual we went here and there, having fun. And they bought me several things~


YES! Today I met Glenn Fredly!!! At first I was going down the escalator after church, and I saw this guy walking kinda cool. Until he walked past me, and I realized that it was him. I WAS SHOCKING!!  So I told my sister that we should go back upstairs, and if in the count of 15 seconds I can't spot him then we should just go home. But I did! WOOHOO! I didn't know whether I could actually took a picture with him, because he was in the 'artist area', but someone else did, so I did too. I thought to myself, I didn't want to miss the chance that was already in front of me~!!! And here it is, proof that I took a picture with him :3

great day!

Salon, lunch, and then movies. It was at first a sisterly date, but then the boys of PU came along. However, I still had a great day! \(^ ^)/


I can't update too much now, because I'm actually in my mid examination, but I can't hold the joy I want to share. So, at the beginning of the semester, we had to choose our course of interest for the 4th semester until we graduate. After being very confuzzled of which course of interest I should take, I ended up choosing Business Intelligence as my first priority, Applied Database as my second choice, and Applied ERP as my third choice. But finally... after a long struggle of patience, today my course of interest result was announced and I got......