I can't update too much now, because I'm actually in my mid examination, but I can't hold the joy I want to share. So, at the beginning of the semester, we had to choose our course of interest for the 4th semester until we graduate. After being very confuzzled of which course of interest I should take, I ended up choosing Business Intelligence as my first priority, Applied Database as my second choice, and Applied ERP as my third choice. But finally... after a long struggle of patience, today my course of interest result was announced and I got......


Applied ERP!

I'm kinda sad actually, knowing that I didn't got BI, because due to the number of students who are interested in taking BI in my class is only three, so they couldn't open the class. But I'm thankful that between the two classes that are opened in my class (Applied ERP and SIS), I got Applied ERP. I know it's gonna be easy, not forgetting the very expensive credit fee too, but I have to fight for the best and make my parents proud of me!

Well that's all for now you guys. Don't forget to keep wishing me luck for my mid examination (ノД`)・゜・。

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