The Folks Co-Gaming Space, Kemang

Growing up in Bali, there were not many malls that we would visit as a place to hang out or play, and when I moved to Jakarta I felt easily bored with having only malls to visit and apparently visiting it over and over again. So last Saturday I went out with my sister and her friends to a co-gaming space at Kemang Area named The Folks. My sister and her friends are loyal visitors of The Folks, but it was my first time visiting! It is located in front of Anomali Coffee Kemang, above Animo Breadhouse.

But wait, what's a co-gaming space? Well, basically The Folks is a place where you can hang and play LOTSSSSS of games with your friends. They have games with different levels of complexity and for various amount of participants. You can even play with other visitors when you want to play a certain game and you need more people to start the game. The Folks also allow you to bring your own board game for a free rent charge, you will only need to order their F&B, but of course bringing your own board game would be unnecessary since they have a lot of games. Some of the games I remember are Guess Who?, Cards Against Humanity, Survive and Power Grid.

When I looked at pictures of the place, on their Instagram account, I thought that place was spacious and could fit many people, but when I came, turns out the place was pretty small and had limited tables (only around 6 tables). The distance from one table to the other was also very short so don't expect to have a lot of movements in this place. Most tables are for 4 people, but they do have a large table that fits around 8-10 people.

The Folks also provide food and beverages although, in my opinion, it is quite pricey.  I would rather eat at a restaurant nearby first and spend the rest of the day at The Folks. Their food choices aren't many too, more to snacks and light meal. I think this is because their kitchen is pretty small.

For you people who have an interest in games or a game collector, you can also buy games at The Folks. They have one large cabinet filled with games that you can purchase. I honestly don't know if they have super rare games, but I think they have imported games that are not easily found here in Indonesia. And I can't say much regarding the price since I can't even remember the last time I bought any board game!

Overall, this place is a really good place to getaway from the hustle and bustle of our beloved Metropolitan City, Jakarta. Especially with the fact that this place does not provide any free wi-fi, you surely can enjoy your weekend or day-off with your friends and family without getting disturbed by office matters!

The Folks
Jl. Kemang Raya No. 69C, Kemang, Jakarta

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