Land of Smiles Part 1 - Santorini Park & Swiss Sheep Farm

As some of you might know, I just came back from sisterly vacation to Bangkok. Me and my sister stayed in Bangkok for 6 days, and although Bangkok is kinda like Jakarta, I still enjoyed this vacation. But anyways enough with the blabber, let's just talk about what I did in Bangkok :)

I left Jakarta at around 4PM and arrived in Bangkok at around 8PM. When we reach the airport, I had to fill in the immigration form, but not sure how, the Suvarnabhumi airport actually ran out of the immigration forms and so we had to look around for it first and it took quite awhile. Done with the immigration, we both went out to buy SIM cards. We bought the DTAC Happy Tourist SIM, it costs 299 ฿ (that's like IDR 100.000) for 1-week of unlimited internet and 100 ฿ free calls. By that time it was already 8.30ish and previously we had plan to grab some dinner near the hostel but then we thought it was too late, because shops in Bangkok close pretty early! And so we finally headed to our hostel called Boxpackers Hostel straight away. We took the Airport Rail Link to the Phaya Thai BTS station, cause that's what the direction in the website said. However though, it turns out that it is much closer if we went down on the next BTS station which is the Ratchathewi BTS Station.

On the next day, we went to Santorini Park at Cha-am. We took the public van from the just outside the Victory Monument BTS Station at 160 ฿ for one-way trip (just tell the driver you want to go to Santorini Park). It took quite awhile to get to Santorini Park, approximately 2 hours I think. But the 2-hour trip was definitely worth it. Santorini Park was a really beautiful place, although it was very hot. It really looked like the real Santorini in Greece (and yes, it makes me wanna go to Greece even more!). There were lost of places for us tourists to take pictures at, that's what I like the most. However though, it's pretty darn annoying how we have to pay additional fees to go on the rides! Pft. But owell, pictures taken there turned out really good.

Finally, after having lunch and taking loads of pictures, we then went to Swiss Sheep Farm. The Swiss Sheep Farm is located just across the Santorini Park, won't take longer than 30-minutes. The entrance fee to the farm was also 50 ฿. Inside there are not only sheeps but also ponies, horses, chickens, and also ducks (or maybe geese). And you get to feed the sheeps for free! YAY! Who doesn't love free stuff? :p

I actually wanted to milk the lamb but we have to pay additional fee, and I realized that they stink just after I fed them so I decided not to! :p So then we went to arcade booths and played some games. The result? Embarassing! We didn't win anything because our skills were nowhere near good! Hahaha.. Especially the bull-riding game. We didn't win, we became dizzy and our thighs were aching after it, but it was definitely fun (the other tourists actually watched us played and that made everything even more embarassing! >.<).

We then ended our day in Cha-am by buying my friend a fridge-magnet for her mother and a keychain for my mom and again we took the public van to the BTS Station. Unfortunately though, on our way back home, Bangkok was raining and so we walking under the rain and was soaking wet and we were hungry! Poor us. So instead of going back to our hostel, we decided to grab some dinner at Siam Paragon. However though, since we were wet and Siam Paragon was kinda cold, I couldn't hold it I just had to buy a jacket and finally got this pretty white jacket with blue flowers at UNIQLO. Straight after buying the jacket we then grabbed our dinner and after that we went back to our hostel. Not bad for a first day right? We'll see you on the next post! :)