December is here!

Yay, so happy that my mid-term examination is finally over. Hopefully the grades will be announced soon, I'm so anxious about it! Hahaha.
EXAMS ARE OVER! Pardon my bad handwriting :p
Anywaaaaays, DECEMBER IS HERE!!! Yipssie dippsiee yappy dappy doooo. It means Christmas is coming and... NEW YEAR'S TOO! And on top of it all, I'm coming home. Fyi, the joy of coming home is waaaaay greater than anything in this world. Unfortunately I haven't bought the ticket yet. Hopefully I will buy it tomorrow and my homecoming is definite :D

And now I'm trying to really focus on my studies and of course... HANGUGO! So I will be more prepared for the final examination and as for HANGUGO! I can get my own income. AAAAHHH! So many things to do, yet so little time. But still I try to enjoy and be grateful for each moment that I go through. Okay, it's late now and I have looooots of things to do tomorrow. Night lovelies. God bless you, and don't forget to prepare something for Christmas ;)

P.S. here's a picture of Inka's very minimalistic birthday that Elina and I made. Please pardon the minimal ism.

Exam and Accounting in precise~

Well yes, since the 15th, I am in my mid-term examination. Now examination is actually is very very big deal for me, only for one subject though, and that would be.... ACCOUNTING! Yes. I was so not ready for it, that I already tried my best to learn it, yet it is still so hard to understand. And finally I had the accounting exam. Guess what? I couldn't do it. The case study was about accounting cycle in which the lecturer had not taught us, and I tried understanding by myself with my lack of knowledge regarding accounting and asking help from my Social friend who apparently didn't understand it too! It was so embarrassing I felt like I handed in a empty paper (thankfully it wasn't because I managed to answer the theory questions). But still, after I went back to my dormitory I felt like I did a really bad job, will end up getting bad grades and will disappoint my parents so much. I therefore asked my dad to call me back straight away and I cried on the phone.

But you know what, I am so glad that I have parents like 'em. Instead of asking why I couldn't do it (in a negative way) or calling me stupid kid or something, they said that it's okay. They understand why I don't understand accounting, they know for sure that I am the Science type-of-student, and that they say don't worry about it too much. Just try to make it up at the final examination.

For a second there before I was on the phone with my parents, I had this huge mental breakdown, but as I listened to them talking and giving me advices, it encouraged me. And it made me think, I am officially real LUCKY to have parents like them. Yes I do. And I love them.

Happy Birthday Inka!

On saturday, Elina, Inka and me went to Grand Indonesia Mall to pre-celebrate Inka's birthday. Yes, pre-celebrate because her birthday is actually on Sunday. Well, finally she's 18! Congrats girls. Wishing you all the best with your uni life.

Anyways, first we went to eat at The Taste Restaurant, an Indonesia culinary restaurant. It was definitely not a wrong choice because the food wasn't bad (for me). For girls, I think that we pretty much ate a lot that night. Because after having our heavy dinner, we then went to find some ice cream. We wanted to eat at Magnum Cafe, but unfortunately it was full and the waiting list queue was quite long. Therefore we searched for another place to eat ice cream. THANKFULLY, there was Baskin Robbins (I've been craving for it for a little while too). And so we ate there and took some narcissistic pictures. It was kinda embarrassing but owell, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, right? :D

All in all, we had a lot of fun that night. And hopefully Inka had a great birthday! So sorry I couldn't get any present :(

The Birthday Girl

The Taste Restaurant

Cookies and Cream Ice Cream

Sunset Groove performing at Grand Indonesia Mall