Hong Kong Trip - Central Area

On September I had a trip to Hong Kong. It was a graduation-gift trip from my mom and my sister. My departure route was from Jakarta to Singapore then from Singapore to Hong Kong. I had my first flight to Singapore on Sept 12th night, like really late, that I arrived in Singapore around 1am. Thankfully my high school friend kindly offered me to sleep at her place for the night, so that I didn’t have to sleep at the airport (although my next flight is at 6am). The flight from Jakarta to Singapore was about 1 hour 50 minutes, and the flight from Singapore to Hong Kong was about 3 hours. So if you were taking a direct flight it would take around 4 hours.

As I arrived at the Hong Kong International Airport at around 10.30 am and had my immigration matters cleared out, there were several important things that I needed to do, which you probably need to do too if you were going to visit Hong Kong, which are 1) to buy the On-Loan Octopus Card and 2) Buy your Hong Kong Disneyland tickets!

A little bit about the Octopus Card, as a traveler you can actually purchase the Sold Tourist Octopus Card. Both the Sold and the On-Loan Octopus Card can work as a payment method for travelling, dining, having fun, etc. The difference between those two card lies in the state of ownership. Just like the name, if you buy the Sold Tourist Octopus Card, you can then own the card, it's fully yours already. While the On-Loan is only for us to rent, so it has a deposit fee when you first purchase it. The Sold Tourist Octopus Card itself costs HK$49, including HK$10 initially stored value, while the On-Loan costs HK$150, inclusive of HK$100 initially stored value and HK$50 deposit fee which you can refund when your trip is over. I personally took the On-Loan Octopus Card because I didn't have any interest of owning an Octopus Card, and plus, I can use the refunded deposit fee to shop again at the airport :P

Once I got out of the airport, I head straight to the hostel. I stayed at the Check Inn HK that was located in Wan Chai District.  After unpacking for awhile, I head straight out to have some lunch and went to the Central district and The Peak. It wasn't that hard to get around from the hostel that I stayed at because there's an MTR station nearby which is the Wan Chai Station.

Hong Kong Central Area
Remember when people say Hong Kong has tons of skyscrapers? Well, this is the area where you can find those gigantic skyscrapers, making you feel all small. Literally the first thing you see as you step out of the Central MTR Station are the skyscrapers, left, right, front, back. Many of the buildings in the Central area are also the "actors" of the Symphony of Lights.