It's super duper easy to say that we have faith in something or we have faith that we are going to receive something. But faith isn't about the words you speak, it's your action of believing even when you have absolutely nothing. Often times, we say we have faith in something, but right after that, we go around and tell people how we are in need. Well faith doesn't work that way. Faith is about you believing that you God will provide whatever it is that you need, without us telling people what we need, and yet we still remain living and working like usual. Because when we tell people we are in need, we are instead doubting our own faith AND doubting God's ability to work in our life. So show your faith, not only in your words, but in your actions too.

Love, Femme LHS

Project #100HAPPYDAYS - Day 6 - 10

Day 6Been feeling kinda homesick lately, but then semester 6 is very tight, almost no holiday, and almost no free day of not doing assignments, making it impossible to crunch in some time to go home. But then yesterday after church, along with my aunt, uncles, lil bros, sissy, grandpa, we went to the cemetery, to visit my grandma, uncle, aunt and lil cous. After that we had dinner together. All in all, it was a time well spent. And no, I'm never tired when I'm with my family :)
Day 7: During the Nyepi holiday, I went to Puncak for our church's retreat. And it felt really good to get away from Jakarta's chaos eventhough it's only for awhile~
Day 8: We scream for ice cream!!!
Day 9: From more than 30 people, down to 15 people, to finally us six. And today was our last presentation. Whoever goes, good luck! And whoever doesn't, that doesn't necessarily mean we're bad. We still have plenty of other opportunities!! But still, I'm happy that I get to spend several weeks intensively with you guys, you guys inspire me! :)) Let's bring back the trophy!
Day 10: It was my friend's birthday, and so we got together for a birthday lunch. Although I couldn't stay for long but I'm happy to see them!
Love, Femme LHS