Of feelings and anything that comes along with it

How often do you hear your friends who are in a relationship, or maybe having a crush on someone, say this, "oh man, i miss him/her so much" etc? Quite often? Me too.

Well this time I want to talk about feelings. What about feelings? Believe it or not, you can actually control your feelings. Yes, I did write (or might say in writing), that you can control your feelings. Situations and conditions around us won't actually make the decision for us, it will only drive us towards another situation. LOVING and MISSING is a verb, it is an action, an involuntary action. Unlike our heart that beats by itself. We love and we miss someone because we decided to. Yes! It's true. Wanna know why? Try to picture this, you know person A and person B. Person A  is the type of person that you really like, you have fun with them, you make jokes with them, etc. While person B has the attitudes that you do not like, for example real bad procrastination, or snobby. etc. Now it may seem like you like person A and you don't like person B here right? But actually, that's because you decided to do so. You decided to like and hangout with person A because they maybe have the same personalities as you do, and since person B doesn't, you decided not to like them.

But what if, you still like person B even though their personalities are different from yours? That means, you can decide who you love and hate right? See where I'm getting to now? If you do then great.

So, why am I talking about this all of sudden? Well I sometimes find people tell me that they can't move on. Move on from what? From the people that they love. They think that their brain is already refusing to do so, but their hearts still wants to love those people. And after that they get stuck in this situation where they hurt (or maybe stupefying) themselves.

This love thing is actually is just like other sad stories of life, but people often exaggerates it, because they say it deals with feelings. So what? Everything deals with the heart too guys, nothing doesn't. I mean, you all heard of the saying, "the problem does not matter. what matters is your respond to the problem." You may fall, So in this case, the people you love does not matter. How you decide to love them is what matters.

So please, guys and girls, if they don't love you, or you know that you're not suppose to be with them, just get it over with. You can do it.

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