Day 01 - How Single Life Is

I have been single for years. And I realized that being single wasn't so bad after all. I also learn a lot from being single. Many people think the adolescent years, or during your teenage years, you should be having fun, having boyfriends or girlfriends, hang out with your friends, and things like that. And when you have done that, that's when they say that you are enjoying life. But I personally think that that is a very narrow way to think of how you should live your life.

I often hear girls complain whenever they are in the single status, because they think when they're single their popularity degrades, they are no longer the "it" girls, or in Indonesia they would say, "Lo ga gaul!" Well, after being single for years (in my teenage years) I realize that this is a totally wrong perception or mindset. There is nothing wrong with being single. Yes you might feel lonely at sometime, you might be jealous of your friends who have those special person who supports in them in what they do, but don't we remember that even before we met our boyfriends and girlfriends, even before we met our friends, our family is already there first for us. They're the ones who always stand up for us, through the goods and the bad. This is actually why I enjoy being a single girl up until now (and still committing to be one until I graduate from my bachelor's degree).

But the question that pops in your mind would probably be, why remain single when can be in a  relationship? That's a nice questions! Well let me tell you why

1. You have more time to spend with your family -The best thing that you can spend on your family is TIME. My own principle of life is that spend as much as time with your family, because you don't when you're going to be separated from them. I have been living with this principle even before my dad passed away, which is why I'm more of a home-person or family-oriented person.

2. You can try new things - Maybe some of you who are reading this second reason is thinking, "well we can try new things with our boyfriend/girlfriend," but the question I want to ask you back is that, is your boyfriend/girlfriend seriously willing to try those new things with you? What if they hate that new thing you want to try? See, you don't know for sure. And rather than being in uncertainty of whether you're going to be in accordance with your partner, I suggest you try things by yourself. Right?

3. You have more time to do things of your own - During our adolescent years, we need to be able to do a lot of things, and I believe that we can only achieve it if we don't spend too much time being with your boyfriend/girlfriend (especially when you have an overly attached boyfriend/girlfriend, definitely UGH!). For example like me right now, I get to join a lot of organizations and clubs and through that I can experience lots of things that maybe I won't be experiencing if I had a boyfriend. And I do believe it is not a waste of time to actually be a part of all these organizations, since there are so many things that aren't taught theoretically and can only be gained by doing it.

4. You don't want to go through broken-heart moments hundred times - As far as I know, many of the girls who go through break-ups takes quite some time to "recover". But my point is, if you could safe your heart from hundreds of break-ups then why not? Because crying for a guy who will not be our wedded husband is a definite waste of time (but this doesn't apply to our father, because girls, he will always be your number one man! :) ).

Well I hope those reasons above might convince to spending your time to yourself first~ Do leave a comment about what you think personally on being single.

Femme 😘

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