BINUS Jazz 2013!

Last Saturday, we finally held the BINUS Jazz 2013 event. And I must say I am a happy and a proud Project Manager. I felt like my hard work finally paid off. The event was a big success (well that's how I see it and according to what some people say :p) There were around 400 people coming to the event and the vibe was real good!

However, I know that this all won't be a success without the help of these people:

1. God - of course God would be the first one I thank, for bringing me this far, for not letting breakdown and always giving me strength when I'm about to loose it

2. Daddy - although you're no longer there to see me prepare and held this event, I know that you're looking at me from heaven. And I know that you're happy that I have made this achievement

3. Mommy - for always reminding me of my health, I needed that

4. Sissy - For always being there when I needed a getaway

5. My fellow Executive Committee and Coordinators, Echa, Della, Fallen, Eka, Feby, Hilda, Ka Vanda, Wina, Rhesa - You guys are definitely the best support I can ever have
BINUS Jazz 2013 Committee
6. My advisors - You guys definitely helped me made decisions and guided me through out the preparation

7. The whole committee - Although some of you guys gave me headaches but you guys were awesome
And all the others whom I can't mention one by one here. Thank you all so much!

(left to right) Dennis Junio, someone, Echa Soemantri, Cahyo, Matthew Sayersz, Me, someone, Dani, Eka, someone

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