Hong Kong Trip - Disneyland Tips!

When I knew that I was given a ticket to Hong Kong, the first thing I shouted was
"Yes, I'm going to Disneylaaaaaand!"
Yes, I know, I was 22 at the time, and no, I didn't think I was too old for Disneyland. In fact, no one is ever too old for Disney! Who's with me on this? :D Well, I don't think posting reasons why you should visit Disneyland is a useful thing to do, instead I'll give you tips on visiting Disneyland that I experienced myself.

Days before I arrived at Hong Kong, I already made a decision that I will visit Disneyland on Monday. Why? Simply because I thought that there will be less people on Weekday, and I was right. Even when I arrived at 11, there weren't many people coming to Disneyland. Queues weren't long and it was easy to look around because it wasn't crowded.

This was one of the biggest win I had during my trip to Disneyland. When you visit a theme park with less people, it would be much easier to decide what to do. As for me, it was definitely up to me which rides do I wanted to go on.

Another benefit of coming alone is because sometimes you get the Single Rider privilege. Some rides have special queuing line for single riders (which most of the time is empty), or sometimes when they have one empty seat left, they will offer it to single riders and that way, you can actually skip several number of people and save much of your time.

Planning your activity is very important! Once I arrived in Disneyland, first thing I did was grab the map and the showtimes guide. I highlighted the rides that I wanted to try first (adrenaline-pumping rides of course!) and find out where and what time are the shows. That way I can set my route plan for the day, and whenever I finish a certain ride I will be near the show venue.

I personally had four Must-Watch shows, Festival of the Lion King, Flights of Fantasy Parade and "Disney Paint The Night" Nighttime Spectacular and "Disney in the Stars" Fireworks, and with proper planning, I managed to watch every show without being late.

The reason why I shopped last is because I don't want to carry a lot of shopping bags while running around Disneyland (which I will end up forgetting). And also because my priority was to try all of the rides that I had on my list. Disneyland also offers several stores located in different areas. These shops may have the same item as the other stores, but they also have thematic items according to its area. So I would suggest to look out for options in the different stores first, and finally decide which item you want afterwards.

Well whatever you do, if you do get a chance to visit Disneyland, always enjoy your time there!

And bring lots of cash!!! You WILL be shopping a lot :D 

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