The Living Word

"Salib adalah pintu masuk Kerajaan Sorga, jika orang tidak mengerti arti salib sebenarnya bisa jadi ia belum masuk Kerajaan Sorga."

What is your opinion on understanding the Gospel wholly?
I would have to say that understanding the Gospel wholly isn't an easy thing to do. In order to understand it, we first need to get rid of the trash in our minds first because the Gospel simply can't be combined or be put in the same place with rubbish. And as human, whether we admit or not, we tend to keep those rubbish instead of getting rid of it. Nevertheless, I am sure that if we open our heart to the changes that God has plan for us, we will be able to understand the Gospel wholly. And moreover, no matter what the Gospel says, we will not be troubled by it. It takes to understand the works of God, but the time that we have put to try to understand it is totally worth it.

Does believing in the Gospel make your life more successful?
YES! OF COURSE! It is obviously not an instant success, but in time we will get there. And maybe it doesn't start with the increase of wealth we get, but I believe that it can also mean being successful in being happy everyday, being healthy, being generous, being Christ-like.

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