holiday and the AEO~!

soooo. What did I do during my one-week-semester-break holiday? I became an LO for the Asian English Olympics hosted by Bina Nusantara English Club. It was such a great experience. Got to meet lots of people from different cities, with different personalities. Some are nice, some are very demanding. Some are very friendly, some very very bossy. But hey, it was all worth the lesson. Also got closer to the other members of the BSSC LO, which are Tasya, Ditha, Melcy, Ka Raesa, Ka Susanti, Brian, BK, Franz, Ko Cancan, and Ko Hanz. Also got the chance to spend some really fun times with everybody involved in this event, from the committees, LOs, and participants. It was definitely super fun!

Uti, Tia and Yudi

With Yudi
I also went to my campus on Saturday to join the Java Jazz on the Move. There were 7 free fix given out, and I wasn't actually planning to get it, but guess what? I DID! HAHAHA. Thanks to Ka Cosmas for the help.

Trying to get a free Java Jazz Tix
And my roomie got back from KL and Singapore and gave me these. So beautiful! Thankies rookie.

Pouch by Jonker Gallery from Roomie
Forever 21 ♥

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