Officially 19

Well, it's the 22nd of February, which means, today I turn 19. Whoa. Time flies real fast dude. But anyways, I am so so so thankful for everything that has happen throughout my 19 years of life. Every breakdowns, joy, sadness, problems, challenges, wins, losses, ups, downs, it made me who I am now and it made me stronger each and everyday.

I would definitely not be here if it wasn't because of my God, Jesus Christ. Through Him I can do everything, including living my life. I pray that the upcoming years will still be led by Him.
And second, my family, Dad, Mom and Sister. The second best part of my life after God. They know me inside out, they are the ones who love me no matter what I do. And I know that I am very very thankful to have them as my family.

Third, to my girls, Tessa, Anya, Jenni, Inka, Elina. You guys rock my world! (y)our goofiness makes my life colorful and I am not making this up. LOL. Btw, I super duper miss you tes, nya, jen. Hoping to see you guys real soon!

My Birthday Cake

From Inka & Elina

Diva Soft Pink Ring

Diva Black Feather Earrings

Pull & Bear Bag from rookie

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