trip to fX

Today, Parda, Ninda, Ghea and me had a trip to fX Sudirman, hoping to join the "food fest" but sadly, it wasn't as expected. There were very few food stalls, and there was barely anybody there. So we just looked around Mazee, and decided to have lunch at one of the restaurants at fX. After going up and down, circling the whole mall, we finally decided to eat at Cosi. The food there was great! The portion was enough for one person. And the price was so-so, not to expensive. But what I love the most was the outdoor tables and seats. It was breezy and it had a lil bit of the Bali feeling there~~~~

We spent around 1,5 hours there, eating, fooling around, til we embarrass ourselves. And then we decided to go on the very extreme slide called Atmostfear! It is a slide that goes down from the 7th floor to the 3rd floor at less 10 seconds! HWAAA! At first, it was only Ghea and me who were going to do it. But we managed to force Parda and Ninda to join too. And they were... TERRIFIED! Ninda's face literally became pale when we are at the 7th floor, and Parda was whining all the way to the 7th floor, while me and Ghea were just holding our laugh. But we all managed to do it, even though with super-loud screams and a little bit of tears coming out of Ninda's eyes. LOL. But today was EPIC! :)

Ninda & Parda

Me & Ghea

Photo by Ninda

Smoked Beef Fettuccine

Grilled Prawn Skewer

Grilled Prawn Skewer

BBQ Combo - Roasted Duck & Steamed Chicken
A  short visit from Alvin, Daniel and their friends

Moi et Parda

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