Sunday Service - 10.03.2013

From emptiness to fullness!
Ruth 1
Mahlon: sickly
Chilion: weak or consumptive
Elimelech: my God is my King
God's blessing is progressive. Make sure there's King in our life!
Our God is a God of unusual kindness. Sow unusual kindness. Two outcomes of a process; better OR bitter. Which one are you? Our God is a God of fullness. Dalam Tuhan kita harus siap menerima kelimpahan.
1. Be committed! Make decisions!
There's always risk to commitment. Be a (calculated) risk-taker. Committed and decisive.
Eve: life-giver
Ruth 2
2. Be diligent!
Ruth 3
3. Be submitted!
Provision (supply), protection, promotion: qualities of a husband. Good, godly, gentle man.
Ruth 4
4. Be blessed! Blessed to bless

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