Good News!!

So... from late February until early April I went through this candidate selection for a competition in Singapore this May. At first I wasn't really sure about it, whether I'm capable and actually a perfect fit (or at least suited) candidate to represent my university, but then I thought rather than regretting seeing someone else go might as well just give my best to it.

From individual selection until group selection I managed to pass all of it. And finally it came down to the very last selection... At that moment I realized that I wanted to be a part of the competition and as a representative for my uni real bad, so I tried giving the best I could (although I know I'm not yet like the senior ones). Then it came down to the part where we had to wait for the announcement. Definitely jitters! But at the same time the desire to be a part of it becomes stronger. At that time all I could do was pray that I can pass the last round of selection.

Well I guess my prayer was heard by God and...

This is quiet a big thing for me, as I am actually a newbie in this field, but now I'm competing with other universities from around the world. Thrilling much! Not forgetting to mention that last year our senior won 2nd place, so I assume the uni wants us to at least be at the same place or even better FIRST PLACE. (´_`。)

But whatever. Just gotta give our best anyway, and beat the other univs! And definitely wish us luck for the competition!

P.S. I will be leaving with Ka Cynthia and Ka Kalyana, since we are competing in groups :)

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