Project #100HAPPYDAYS - Day 1 - 5

So excited to be doing this project called 100 Happy Days! So basically we just post for 100 days things that makes us happy, and the idea of it is to share more positive vibes and of course, to be (MORE) grateful of the life we have. Fun eh?
I started doing this project on  my birthday, and to be honest it's quiet difficult to be consistent. Some days are just super annoying, and it feels nothing is making you happy that day, when actually there is but you just can't realise it. But anyways, here's Day 1 - 5 posts! Enjoy :)

Day 1: the enormous amount of birthday wishes that i got from family and friends, and also the cakes and the gifts. Honestly there are lots more but it's really difficult to fit it all in a 15-second video /sobs/ but hopefully I got at least 10 of those wishes in this video. And once again, thank you everyone! Thank you for actually remembering my birthday, without Facebook's help ;)

Day 2got this super cute pouch as a birthday gift from Ghea along with a new gold phone case. I was actually in the middle of trying to buy a pouch, that can fit my phone and wallet during those times where I just can't be bothered to bring my whole bag somewhere. And here she bought it for me! She really knows me, hahaha :p
Day 3: Having fast Internet connection in my dorm rarely happens. And I literally mean rarely, like once in 6 months probably. And I was so happy when I was browsing and found out that the speed was this fast! :D
Day 4: Finally got the chance to try Locale24 Diner. I ordered the Salmon Teriyaki and it tasted great! Must come back and try the other dishes. However though, one thing that I really disliked from this place is that they allow people to smoke inside the diner, probably because they don't have a lot of open space/outdoor seats. But still, mixing smoke and food is no fun! Oh, and my sister thinks that they're not being very complete of their concept, because they have like a 50s set but the music was 2000s, LOL. Anyways, still worth the try~
Day 5: went out with this girl/partner-in-crime/classmate/neighbor/colleague today. This is our first time going out with only the two of us after almost 3 years of friendship. We have went out together before, but it was for grocery shopping so it didn't really count as 'hanging-out'. Glad we (unexpectedly) hung out, cause we were able to share some thoughts to each other :)

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