Graduation Day!

July 30th, 2015 marks the day where I officially become a Bachelor and an alumni of my university because it's my... GRADUATION DAY! Of course this day wouldn't come if it wasn't for the endless support of the people around me, and I know I've said this a thousand times before, but I just can't keep my gratitude for this achievement I've made.

To my parents and my sister, who has endlessly supported me in so many ways I could and couldn't imagine, this is for you guys. Thank you for always trusting me in the decisions that I've made for myself, and for giving me the opportunity to learn and grow up. Thank you Dad, for raising me into becoming an independent girl. Thank you Mom for never leaving me, and always having time and caring for me. Thank you Chrisya, for the ticket to Hong Kong, the beautiful flower bouquet and the cute teddy bear!

My Family
To my classmates, who has shared the most irreplaceable 3,5 years experience of university life. All the good and the bad has taught me so many things that I just can't keep thanking to. Especially to Ghea and the members of Keluarga Cemara.

Keluarga Cemara
To my lecturers, thank you thank you thank you, for being so patient in teaching, guiding, advising me on things i haven't understood or known before. Your willingness to teach me has made me become more and more smarter.

To friends and relatives, who has accompanied, supported, and encouraged my university journey until I can make it this far.

To my sister, Nannette, who gave me flawless makeup that made me felt really pretty on my graduation day, and for making my graduation pics super duper awesome! Thank you thank you thank you. (And no, I'm not saying this because she's my sister, but because she seriously does a flawless makeup. Or at least a VERY camera-friendly makeup. Look at my pics for proof :P)

Kebaya: Mama Leon
Shoes: Heatwave
Earrings: Mom's
Make Up and Hair Do: Nannette

And thank you to those who gave me the super duper cute graduation gifts! I love all of it and I love all of you who has spent your precious time in finding those gifts for me :)

I know I can't mention all the names here one-by-one. But I hope everybody knows, that whoever you are, if you have taken part in making my university life this successful and so far away, that I am truly grateful for it.

I must say I'm proud of myself for making it this far, but I won't say I am satisfied with my life achievements too. Still need to accomplish more things. But for now, bye university and hello work life!

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