The Folks Co-Gaming Space, Kemang

Growing up in Bali, there were not many malls that we would visit as a place to hang out or play, and when I moved to Jakarta I felt easily bored with having only malls to visit and apparently visiting it over and over again. So last Saturday I went out with my sister and her friends to a co-gaming space at Kemang Area named The Folks. My sister and her friends are loyal visitors of The Folks, but it was my first time visiting! It is located in front of Anomali Coffee Kemang, above Animo Breadhouse.

But wait, what's a co-gaming space? Well, basically The Folks is a place where you can hang and play LOTSSSSS of games with your friends. They have games with different levels of complexity and for various amount of participants. You can even play with other visitors when you want to play a certain game and you need more people to start the game. The Folks also allow you to bring your own board game for a free rent charge, you will only need to order their F&B, but of course bringing your own board game would be unnecessary since they have a lot of games. Some of the games I remember are Guess Who?, Cards Against Humanity, Survive and Power Grid.

When I looked at pictures of the place, on their Instagram account, I thought that place was spacious and could fit many people, but when I came, turns out the place was pretty small and had limited tables (only around 6 tables). The distance from one table to the other was also very short so don't expect to have a lot of movements in this place. Most tables are for 4 people, but they do have a large table that fits around 8-10 people.

The Folks also provide food and beverages although, in my opinion, it is quite pricey.  I would rather eat at a restaurant nearby first and spend the rest of the day at The Folks. Their food choices aren't many too, more to snacks and light meal. I think this is because their kitchen is pretty small.

For you people who have an interest in games or a game collector, you can also buy games at The Folks. They have one large cabinet filled with games that you can purchase. I honestly don't know if they have super rare games, but I think they have imported games that are not easily found here in Indonesia. And I can't say much regarding the price since I can't even remember the last time I bought any board game!

Overall, this place is a really good place to getaway from the hustle and bustle of our beloved Metropolitan City, Jakarta. Especially with the fact that this place does not provide any free wi-fi, you surely can enjoy your weekend or day-off with your friends and family without getting disturbed by office matters!

The Folks
Jl. Kemang Raya No. 69C, Kemang, Jakarta

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Hong Kong Trip - Disneyland Tips!

When I knew that I was given a ticket to Hong Kong, the first thing I shouted was
"Yes, I'm going to Disneylaaaaaand!"
Yes, I know, I was 22 at the time, and no, I didn't think I was too old for Disneyland. In fact, no one is ever too old for Disney! Who's with me on this? :D Well, I don't think posting reasons why you should visit Disneyland is a useful thing to do, instead I'll give you tips on visiting Disneyland that I experienced myself.

Days before I arrived at Hong Kong, I already made a decision that I will visit Disneyland on Monday. Why? Simply because I thought that there will be less people on Weekday, and I was right. Even when I arrived at 11, there weren't many people coming to Disneyland. Queues weren't long and it was easy to look around because it wasn't crowded.

This was one of the biggest win I had during my trip to Disneyland. When you visit a theme park with less people, it would be much easier to decide what to do. As for me, it was definitely up to me which rides do I wanted to go on.

Another benefit of coming alone is because sometimes you get the Single Rider privilege. Some rides have special queuing line for single riders (which most of the time is empty), or sometimes when they have one empty seat left, they will offer it to single riders and that way, you can actually skip several number of people and save much of your time.

Planning your activity is very important! Once I arrived in Disneyland, first thing I did was grab the map and the showtimes guide. I highlighted the rides that I wanted to try first (adrenaline-pumping rides of course!) and find out where and what time are the shows. That way I can set my route plan for the day, and whenever I finish a certain ride I will be near the show venue.

I personally had four Must-Watch shows, Festival of the Lion King, Flights of Fantasy Parade and "Disney Paint The Night" Nighttime Spectacular and "Disney in the Stars" Fireworks, and with proper planning, I managed to watch every show without being late.

The reason why I shopped last is because I don't want to carry a lot of shopping bags while running around Disneyland (which I will end up forgetting). And also because my priority was to try all of the rides that I had on my list. Disneyland also offers several stores located in different areas. These shops may have the same item as the other stores, but they also have thematic items according to its area. So I would suggest to look out for options in the different stores first, and finally decide which item you want afterwards.

Well whatever you do, if you do get a chance to visit Disneyland, always enjoy your time there!

And bring lots of cash!!! You WILL be shopping a lot :D 

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Hong Kong Trip - The Peak

The Victoria Peak is one of Hong Kong's most famous places to visit, its at a mountain and from there you can see all of Hong Kong. I reached The Peak by taking the The Peak tram from the Lower Terminus. I went down at Central MTR Station and walked to the Lower Terminus. By foot it would take about approximately 7-10 minutes (if you focused on getting real fast). But I myself took a very relaxed stroll and took the time to admire the skyscrapers around me. I also looked around and spotted several places I wanted to visit after The Peak.

Unfortunately, since I came on a Sunday, the queue was super duper long, even before getting to the Ticket Booth, and even after buying the ticket, you still have to wait for quite a long time, because there was only ONE tram that goes back and forth to The Peak Upper Terminus. But it's okay, all the waiting done will be worth it! After waiting for quite some time, I can finally hop on to the tram.  A small tip on taking the tram, always take the window seat! The view from the window seat is just UH-MAH-ZING but it might get you a little dizzy because there's some sort perspective distortion due to the slope of the tram track.

Hong Kong Trip - Central Area

On September I had a trip to Hong Kong. It was a graduation-gift trip from my mom and my sister. My departure route was from Jakarta to Singapore then from Singapore to Hong Kong. I had my first flight to Singapore on Sept 12th night, like really late, that I arrived in Singapore around 1am. Thankfully my high school friend kindly offered me to sleep at her place for the night, so that I didn’t have to sleep at the airport (although my next flight is at 6am). The flight from Jakarta to Singapore was about 1 hour 50 minutes, and the flight from Singapore to Hong Kong was about 3 hours. So if you were taking a direct flight it would take around 4 hours.

As I arrived at the Hong Kong International Airport at around 10.30 am and had my immigration matters cleared out, there were several important things that I needed to do, which you probably need to do too if you were going to visit Hong Kong, which are 1) to buy the On-Loan Octopus Card and 2) Buy your Hong Kong Disneyland tickets!

A little bit about the Octopus Card, as a traveler you can actually purchase the Sold Tourist Octopus Card. Both the Sold and the On-Loan Octopus Card can work as a payment method for travelling, dining, having fun, etc. The difference between those two card lies in the state of ownership. Just like the name, if you buy the Sold Tourist Octopus Card, you can then own the card, it's fully yours already. While the On-Loan is only for us to rent, so it has a deposit fee when you first purchase it. The Sold Tourist Octopus Card itself costs HK$49, including HK$10 initially stored value, while the On-Loan costs HK$150, inclusive of HK$100 initially stored value and HK$50 deposit fee which you can refund when your trip is over. I personally took the On-Loan Octopus Card because I didn't have any interest of owning an Octopus Card, and plus, I can use the refunded deposit fee to shop again at the airport :P

Once I got out of the airport, I head straight to the hostel. I stayed at the Check Inn HK that was located in Wan Chai District.  After unpacking for awhile, I head straight out to have some lunch and went to the Central district and The Peak. It wasn't that hard to get around from the hostel that I stayed at because there's an MTR station nearby which is the Wan Chai Station.

Hong Kong Central Area
Remember when people say Hong Kong has tons of skyscrapers? Well, this is the area where you can find those gigantic skyscrapers, making you feel all small. Literally the first thing you see as you step out of the Central MTR Station are the skyscrapers, left, right, front, back. Many of the buildings in the Central area are also the "actors" of the Symphony of Lights.


My first love, it has been three years now.

Remember last year I told you I have submitted my thesis? Well, not long after that I had my defense exam and graduated dad. Yep, I finished my studies already, just as you asked me too. I was very happy to be graduated, but then I can't lie I was sad too that you weren't there to see me. But I know you still watched me from up there right?
And now, I have a new job. It's not something that I have done before, but like you always say, always try new things and don't be afraid.

And Chrisya? She graduated too last year dad. From the university you wanted your daughter to go to. And of course she has a much longer name now, hopefully you're okay with it. Although you will probably still call her Anjang.

Mommy is having fun with her wedding projects too. But every time I help her with her projects, I remember your words when we were preparing Arie & Andrich's wedding, "kasian mama kecapekkan.. Tapi gapapa, mama seneng ngerjainnya.." I just wish I can hear your voice straight away, and not just your voice that I hear in my head.

Well Dad, it was not easy letting you go three years ago, and it hasn't been easy accepting it for the past three years. But I believe you're in a much better place, I always do. And I'm happy you're in a much better place.

I miss you Dad, I miss your hug, I miss your laughs, I miss your big tummy, I miss everything about you.

Forever I love you, my first love, Marthin F T Sabaru.

Your one and only,