Central Park Community!

Yesterday was Ka Barnie's birthday. So first of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY KA BARNIE!! Wish you all the best that God has planned for you, all the success in your workplace, and get married soon! Teehee.

So yeah, meet my KM friends! KM stands for Komsel Mesianik. It's our church's community group where we usually meet every week and share about our daily life and how God is working in our life. The leader of our KM is Ka Maya. She's a singer with a very very awesome voice (and I ain't kidding). If you want prove, click here. Hehehe. Anyways, the members are Inka, Elina, Ka Barnie, Ka Hizki, Ka Steph, and me. Usually we meet at Central Park, but like today, since it's Ka Barnie's birthday, we meet at his place, and ate together at Pizza Hut! Yumm eh?

In this community we encourage each other, we help others, share life experiences, and grow together in God. And I'm definitely thankful that I'm placed in this community here in Jakarta. As you all know, Jakarta is a very very tough place to live in Indonesia. The crime rate is high, the lifestyle is very very scary, and I think that people can be easily be affected by bad habits (personal thought, by the way). But since I'm here, I remember my purpose of being in Jakarta, and the purpose of living. Thank You Jesus!

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Birthday Feast


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