White Day?

So, guess what? Today is White Day! Well, what is White Day? As you all know, before White Day we have Valentine's Day, where actually it is only for girls to give guys chocolates. And then... On White Day the guys reply with white flowers. Or maybe other things, such chocolates, flowers, cards, and bla bla bla. But as for me, since I didn't give any to anybody anyway on Valentine's Day, I didn't get any flowers today. LOL. And plus, it doesn't actually work that way either here in Indonesia. I think Indonesia only has Valentine's Day, so all the guys and girls give out chocolates, flowers, and etc on that day.

Anyways, White Day? My White Day? I spent it just to watch movies, sleep, and eat! Hahaha. Life of a single a girl I guess (not that I am expecting something anyway). But I'm happy my heart is still whole, thanks to God who has mend it. So yeah, HAPPY WHITE DAY!

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