Feeling 22!

Yep, last week, on Feb 22nd, I turned 22! TWENTY-TWO IS THE WORD BABY! Can you believe it? Can I believe it? Nope. I just can't believe that I'm already that young (yes, I prefer to use young instead of old, because old is only when your age is above 100).

Well this year's birthday I kinda lower my expectations of wishes, surprises or presents, because I thought... It really doesn't matter anymore. Being given another year to be living this life is like the greatest present already! I didn't even tell anybody that it was my birthday until the next day or.... until the person realized that it was my birthday, even though they were with me the whole day! Funny eh?

But I'm still thankful that at the end of the day my aunt, uncle, my baby brothers, Fergie, Parda, my 10th neighbors and many other people actually still remember my birthday and surprised me after I came back from church. I really didn't think that they even had the slightest idea of surprising me. But they did.. Although some surprises kinda failed hahaha.. But thank you thank you thank you for the surprises, wishes, and presents that you guys have prepared for me!

Not forgetting to mention my fellow colleagues at IS Laboratory who deliberately decided not to say Happy Birthday to me because they wanted to surprise me the next day in the office but in the end failed anyway. Thank you very much for the cake, bag, lipstick and the firework in my cake, you guys really understands who I am. XD
But what is a birthday without a wish right? Well this year my wishes are...
  • To graduate and get my Bachelor degree
  • To be able to independently support myself financially
  • To get a job in those dream companies
  • Travel to Japan, Korea or Hong Kong
This year I also have set it to be a year of GRATITUDE. I would like to be more grateful of all the good and the bad not-so-good things that will happen to my life, because I think that's one of the key process of maturing--to be able to see the positive in everything. Hopefully I will always remember it in everything that I do.

Well... Once again thank you everyone!

Love, Femme LHS

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