Graduation Day!

July 30th, 2015 marks the day where I officially become a Bachelor and an alumni of my university because it's my... GRADUATION DAY! Of course this day wouldn't come if it wasn't for the endless support of the people around me, and I know I've said this a thousand times before, but I just can't keep my gratitude for this achievement I've made.

To my parents and my sister, who has endlessly supported me in so many ways I could and couldn't imagine, this is for you guys. Thank you for always trusting me in the decisions that I've made for myself, and for giving me the opportunity to learn and grow up. Thank you Dad, for raising me into becoming an independent girl. Thank you Mom for never leaving me, and always having time and caring for me. Thank you Chrisya, for the ticket to Hong Kong, the beautiful flower bouquet and the cute teddy bear!

My Family
To my classmates, who has shared the most irreplaceable 3,5 years experience of university life. All the good and the bad has taught me so many things that I just can't keep thanking to. Especially to Ghea and the members of Keluarga Cemara.

Keluarga Cemara
To my lecturers, thank you thank you thank you, for being so patient in teaching, guiding, advising me on things i haven't understood or known before. Your willingness to teach me has made me become more and more smarter.

To friends and relatives, who has accompanied, supported, and encouraged my university journey until I can make it this far.

To my sister, Nannette, who gave me flawless makeup that made me felt really pretty on my graduation day, and for making my graduation pics super duper awesome! Thank you thank you thank you. (And no, I'm not saying this because she's my sister, but because she seriously does a flawless makeup. Or at least a VERY camera-friendly makeup. Look at my pics for proof :P)

Kebaya: Mama Leon
Shoes: Heatwave
Earrings: Mom's
Make Up and Hair Do: Nannette

And thank you to those who gave me the super duper cute graduation gifts! I love all of it and I love all of you who has spent your precious time in finding those gifts for me :)

I know I can't mention all the names here one-by-one. But I hope everybody knows, that whoever you are, if you have taken part in making my university life this successful and so far away, that I am truly grateful for it.

I must say I'm proud of myself for making it this far, but I won't say I am satisfied with my life achievements too. Still need to accomplish more things. But for now, bye university and hello work life!

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The Art of Studying Abroad by Chrisya K F

So my sister, as an Awardee of LPDP, had the opportunity to share her stories through her Twitter account, @qsha9, with a title "The Art of Studying Abroad". So I thought I'd shared it here on my blog too..

Project #100HAPPYDAYS - Day 11-15

Day 11: had a class trip to SG, it was EPIC! Glad that we got the chance to do this trip, it surely got us closer, especially knowing that we're graduating real soon
Day 11
Day 12: home is being back in her arms
Day 12
Day 13: family-get-together. Always brings joy!
Day 13
Day 14: after 3 years of knowing each other and bugging each other's life, Gheong and I are finally roommates!! Let's just hope our room won't be like a shipwreck
Day 14
Day 15: each time I buy Auntie Anne's, I feel like the happiest girl in the world
Day 15
Love, Femme LHS

Femme Sabaru, S.Kom!

Monday, March 23rd. I passed my thesis defense exam, I finally have a degree and my name is officially longer now, Femme L H Sabaru, S.Kom! Yea! My utmost gratitude goes to God, whom I know gives the most strength, power, grace and comfort during the journey of writing the thesis, preparation for the defense exam and also during the defense exam itself. THANK YOU GOD!

And not forgetting the people who supported, prayed, and helped me! To my mom, Sally Toli, who I know always prays for me so that I can finish my studies on time. To my sister, Sarah Chrisya K F, who is the best in giving pep talks and making me worry less about the things that happen to my life. I don't understand how you can be so relaxed in dealing with these kinds of stuff.
To my aunt, uncles, and brothers, who came and waited for me on my thesis defense exam day, although you guys (my brothers) had to skip classes for it. Kinda not sure whether you guys actually want to accompany or you just wanna skip class hahaha, just kidding :p. But again, thank you for coming and made me forgot about my nervousness. And of course thank you for the doll! Another addition to the collection :D

Thank you my roommate, Ghea 'Gheong', for understanding me and patiently copes with my alay-ness. Thank you for supporting me in the times where my emotion is like a roller coaster. And definitely thank you for not going home when you actually can because you decided to accompany me until my thesis defense exam was over.

To my fellow 10th-Floor residents, Ka Dita, Odi, Aya, Fira, Desty, who always make my day more joyful and lets me forget about the stress for a while there. Without you girls I'll probably be crazy right now :p

Definite thank you to my partners, Sukianti and Merianti! YOU. GIRLS. ROCK! Without you I'm not sure if I can finish writing a thesis, or finish it on time. You guys worked really hard and thank you for doing that cause it motivates me too. Congratulations as well, you guys have longer names too now :D I hope that after this you guys get high-paying jobs and be very successful!
To our advisor, Ko Fredy Jingga, thank you so much Ko, for guiding us, for always coming up with a solution whenever we are stuck thinking how the thesis should be like. Hopefully we didn't give you too much headache :P

To all the members of Keluarga Cemara, who unfortunately couldn't come because you guys had interviews. Thank you for the kind support through chats, it really meant a lot even though it was only through instant messages. Although it was kind of intimidating me too when I knew I was the last one to have the thesis defense exam after all of you guys have passed your's! But thank you thank you thank you, for making my final year of university life unforgettable! 

To LABSISFO peeps, who (in)directly supported the three of us through the whole thesis-journey. Thank you for accompanying in those late-night-works. Thank you for buying us food(ssss). Thank you for doing those silly things that makes us laugh and again for a little while forget about the stress. Thank you for the 'CIE SKOM' balloons, you guys really know how to embarrass someone in front of the public.

And to everyone..... Literally everyone, who directly or indirectly helped, prayed and supported us, me especially in this final chapter of my university life. If I didn't mention your name here, I'm sorry, but I assure you that you're names and what you have done to help me, I remember them in my heart. And to be honest, I still can't believe that I have finished my studies and is just few a steps from graduating. But here I am, Femme LHS, S.Kom :)

p.s. I was thinking of rewarding myself a pair of running shoes for being able to complete my studies on time. And I found a great collection of Running Shoes on Zalora since I've been dying to get a pair of running shoes to get my life back on track (meaning, trying to lose some weight so I will look good on my graduation day hehehe). Got any idea which one I should get for myself? ;)

Feeling 22!

Yep, last week, on Feb 22nd, I turned 22! TWENTY-TWO IS THE WORD BABY! Can you believe it? Can I believe it? Nope. I just can't believe that I'm already that young (yes, I prefer to use young instead of old, because old is only when your age is above 100).

Well this year's birthday I kinda lower my expectations of wishes, surprises or presents, because I thought... It really doesn't matter anymore. Being given another year to be living this life is like the greatest present already! I didn't even tell anybody that it was my birthday until the next day or.... until the person realized that it was my birthday, even though they were with me the whole day! Funny eh?

But I'm still thankful that at the end of the day my aunt, uncle, my baby brothers, Fergie, Parda, my 10th neighbors and many other people actually still remember my birthday and surprised me after I came back from church. I really didn't think that they even had the slightest idea of surprising me. But they did.. Although some surprises kinda failed hahaha.. But thank you thank you thank you for the surprises, wishes, and presents that you guys have prepared for me!

Not forgetting to mention my fellow colleagues at IS Laboratory who deliberately decided not to say Happy Birthday to me because they wanted to surprise me the next day in the office but in the end failed anyway. Thank you very much for the cake, bag, lipstick and the firework in my cake, you guys really understands who I am. XD
But what is a birthday without a wish right? Well this year my wishes are...
  • To graduate and get my Bachelor degree
  • To be able to independently support myself financially
  • To get a job in those dream companies
  • Travel to Japan, Korea or Hong Kong
This year I also have set it to be a year of GRATITUDE. I would like to be more grateful of all the good and the bad not-so-good things that will happen to my life, because I think that's one of the key process of maturing--to be able to see the positive in everything. Hopefully I will always remember it in everything that I do.

Well... Once again thank you everyone!

Love, Femme LHS


Hey daddy! How are you? Two years now. You're still watching over me right?

A lot has happened in the past year. Like you won't even believe that we have come this far.

Mom is now managing a salon and like a small cafe. All is still new but she's got the hold of it. It would've been much easier if you were there with her, supporting her, doing it all together. But that's alright daddy, I know you're having fun up there, with grandpa and grandma right? Just make sure you still watch over mom. She's pretty much alone in Bali now. Please don't let anything happen to her. Oh and please keep her away from people who are mean to her dad. You know what kind of person she is right?

And Chrisya. Well your dream came true dad. Yep, she's now studying in Melbourne, in RMIT to be precise. Just as you wished. I'm pretty sure you talked real hard to God about this one. She left on May but she's currently here in Indonesia. In December we might go there, cause it should be her graduation. Let's just pray everything goes well. She's also become a model quite few times, who knows, maybe soon we'll see her face in one of the Australian ad.

And me? I have finished all my classes daddy. And I've submitted my thesis!!! Can you believe it? Your second daughter is about to graduate. After 3,5 years she's getting her Bachelor degree. Right now I'm just waiting for my thesis exam schedule, and I'm soooo afraid dad. If you were here, you would know exactly how to calm me down. But I'm gonna do this dad. I'm going to get that degree. I'm gonna make you proud. Oh! Last year I also won first place in a case competition. My very last competition in uni and I won first place dad!!! If you were here I would definitely give all four of us a treat, but at Cak Asmo probably. Hahaha.

Well two years it is dad. I'm not fully back on my feet yet. I sometimes still cry wishing you're not gone yet but thank you for never leaving me. I really really miss you dad. Please come see me if you can. I love you.

Your one and only,